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Catholic Media GroupAccording to the Catechism of the Catholic Church in section 1676, "Pastoral discernment is needed to sustain and support popular piety and, if necessary, to purify and correct the religious sense which underlies these devotions so that the faithful may advance in knowledge of the mystery of Christ."

When the underlying intentions of common Catholic devotions become distorted, it can open a doorway of demonic influence in a person's life through the sin of idolatry. In an effort to protect the faithful from the deception of demonic influence, Catholic Media Group has compiled a collection of documents and articles to help the faithful discern the difference between healthy and unhealthy devotions.

Catholic Media Group
Invoking the Saints with Talismans

Although many Catholics have never heard of a talisman or amulet, most are familiar with the practice of invoking the intercession of the saints. As you can imagine, great problems would arise in the Church if the two practices were...

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As harmless as reading horoscopes from the local newspaper may appear, they have the ability to plant a very small and seductive seed of curiosity...

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  Saint Joseph Capsule
In an attempt to invoke supernatural powers for selling real estate, plastic statues of Saint Joseph are being offered for sale...

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